A BBS means a Bulletin Board system. A BBS allows users to connect to it by dialing to it. In the past this was the only way, but with the advent of the internet you can also connect to a BBS by using a hostname.


A BBS is a computer system running software which allows users to download software and read files stored on the system. A BBS was a mini social network of the olden times. People could play games talk with each other and also as a plus download software. While most BBS's were free some used to ask for payment. The BBS is controlled by a system operator(sysop for short).

Inside TelehackEdit

You can dial a BBS from the various lists found on the hosts or by using wardial. To access the BBS use guest or enter or your username and password.The BBS system accepts only one letter commands

      ***       Tonic Death   Maple Grove MN       ***
      ***                                          ***
      ***                                          ***
      ***    24 hours a day 300/1200/2400 baud     ***
      ***                                          ***
      ***               612-426-3037               ***
      ***                                          ***
      ***              Ryan Raz Sysop              ***
      ***                                          ***

Welcome caller from Mumbai, India

Enter your username or GUEST.


List of CommandsEdit

The list of commands available are:

  T-NET 84 (tm) XBBS Module Commands

 <F> Files area     <W> Who's online
 <J> Tell a Joke    <Y> Yell for sysop
 <X> Exit to CP/M   <Q> Quit / Logoff
         <?> Print this menu

[?,f,j,l,q,w,x,y] Enter command==>

Command Name Description
< f > Files Area You can download files from here and also see the size of the files.
< w > Who's Online See the list of users connected to the BBS.
< j > Tell a joke

Outputs a joke.

< y > Yell for Sysop Pages Sysop, use if the BBS is malfunctioning.
< x > Exit To CP/M Exits to the OS where additional commands are available.
< l > List files Lists the files. You can only list files here, to download use < f >.
< q > Quit/log off Quits the BBS and returns you to where you were last.
< ? > Help Lists the available commands.

Go back to Wardial

Go back to List of all Commands

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