This page serves as community page for all bugs discovered by regular players. Please address any of your issues here; all issues will be incorporated into the Telehack issue tracking systems. Our educated monkeys will handle your issues as soon as possible... just kidding. :)

Because of licensing and specific request of forbin we had split up our internal ticketing system and this community page, but we keep constant review of this page and a regular warning system is also in place for any entry, so don't worry, if it gets posted here it will be dealt with.

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  • Telehack freezes occasionally when entering relay - CoolHacker - 2012.09.14

Bugs presentEdit

(Last update: 17th of December, 2012)Edit

Connection Error , Access Domain Invalid ERR_CONNECTION_RESET - mrapt0r - 2016.09.04

Telehack lags some when entering relay and during shell some- c18ander- 2016.10.21