The CBBS badge is being awarded to users, who could access the automated Computerized Bulletin Board System, short CBBS, by executing the method of PTYCON and accessing the right connection-port.

Origins of CBBSEdit

CBBS (Computerized Bulletin Board System) was a computer software program created by Ward Christensen to allow him and other computer hobbyists to exchange information between one another. The reason for creating this application, later also known as simply BBS (Bulletin Board System), was the Great Blizzard of 1978 in the United States. Among those caught in it were Christensen and Randy Suess, who were members of CACHE, the Chicago Area Computer Hobbyists' Exchange.

Christensen had created a file transfer protocol for sending binary computer files through modem connections, which was called, simply, MODEM. Later improvements to the program motivated a name change into the now familiar XMODEM. The success of this project encouraged further experiments. Christensen and Suess became enamored of the idea of creating a computerized answering machine and message center, which would allow members to call in with their then-new modems and leave announcements for upcoming meetings.[1]

BBS systems are used nowadays still, yet the scene behind this group shrunk since the 90's, but thanks for more recent technologies used, like TELNET BBS stayed alive and growing despite much smaller audience.

Some BBS-es still support telephone based access only, like Blup BBS, but there are many BBS systems around supporting TELNET based access, like Fatcats BBS.

BBS SoftwareEdit


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