Captcha is a random arrangement of four digits which you must type to run an executable file in Telehack. Its purpose is the confirm that you are human, not a bot. If you fail to type the Captcha, you will be asked to re-enter the code up to five times before you are returned to the previous prompt.

Screenshot of a CaptchaEdit

                                d8888b. d88888P d8888b. d8888b.
                                    `88     d8'     `88     `88
                                .aaadP'    d8'   aaad8' .aaadP'
                                88'       d8'       `88 88'
                                88.      d8'        .88 88.
                                Y88888P d8'     d88888P Y88888P

Enter the code: 2732_

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