Ftpd.exe is a daemon for TEL/OS. It allows you to ftp to telehack from Telehack's netstat-adjacent hosts.


You can use ftpd to ftp to telehack from oracle. That way you don't have to leave oracle just to get a file transferred to oracle. you can also use it to put files onto Telehack from telehack's netstat-adjacent hosts. For example, You can put satan.exe onto telehack from oracle.

In Action Edit

oracle> ftp telehack
Connected to telehack.
220 telehack TEL/OS FTP Daemon (build #142 Tue Mar  7 10:55:50 CET 1989) welcome
Name (telehack:bauen3):
331 Password required for bauen3
Password: *****************************
230 User bauen3 logged in
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using BIN mode to transfer files.
ftp> get rootkit.exe
200 PORT command successful
150 Opening BIN mode data connection for rootkit.exe (27542 bytes)
 68% |===================================>                | 6.8 kB/s

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