The following are a list of executable files which can be run and transferred between hosts. All listed *.exe files have different locations for each of the users, no *.exe is at the same place for anyone.

In addition to the executable listed here there are also oskits and account creation exploits.

Basic & Misc Files

These executable files are merely for entertainment purposes only, but are not limited for usage on the target server, but can be loaded into the static core as well.

Filename Description
bambi.exe The Adventures of BAMBI animation
beer.exe Animation of a jug full with beer
cartwhee.exe Animation of a stick-figure doing a cartwheel
cartwheel.exe Animation of a stick-figure doing a cartwheel
dont-wor.exe Animation of an individual getting shot at
firework.exe Animation of a firework
fireworks.exe Animation of a firework
fishy2.exe Animation about Shamus, the fish
glass.exe No information yet
globe.exe Animation of the Earth spinning
juanspla.exe No information available yet
joshua.exe Animation of a text
jumble.exe Animation of a text
monkey.exe A monkey showing you both middle fingers
nasa.exe Animation displaying the N.A.S.A. logo
outerlim.exe Animation of a 'television set' being controlled
paradise.exe Animation about a destruction of an island
prey.exe Animation of a Klingon starship firing a torpedo
snowing.exe Animation of Christmas holiday wishes
startrek.exe An animation between the NCC-1701 A and D
tetris.exe A character based Tetris game
trek.exe Animation of the Enterprise taking revenge on the RCA
ttest.exe VT100 torture test application
turkey.exe Animation of a turkey entering and exiting an oven
twilight.exe No information available yet
valentin.exe A love message from Dave to Beth
wineglas.exe Animation of a glass getting filled with wine
xmas.exe Animation of a tree and a toy train

System tools

These tools are designated for specific administrative tasks on the target host. The following programs are designed to be run localy on telehack

Filename Description
ftpd.exe TEL/OS FTP Daemon
inspect.exe Remote TEL/OS Process Table Inspector
iptun.exe L2TP over PPP Daemon
osprober.exe Sniff Remote OS Vendor
ptyhide.exe Cloaking Module for PTYCON Line 27
satan.exe Security Analyzer over Dial-up
wardial.exe AC/Prefix Modem Dialing Prober
xmodem.exe XMODEM/CRC support kit
syslogd.exe TEL/OS Netlog Daemon

These applications are OS independent, and can be run on almost any host.

Filename Description
ghostports.exe Advertise Decoy Open Host Ports
portblock.exe Block Open Port Host Access
killproc.exe Network process killer
netlog.exe Remote syslog notification [Requires syslogd.exe]
rootkit.exe Rootkit Exploit Launcher
pdebug.exe Process debugger
porthack.exe Probe for Exploitable Host Ports

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