The PTYCON badge is given to users, who successfully executed the command, which allows the player to enter the PTYCON mode of Telehack.

The original softwareEdit

PTYCON is coming from the old PDP-10 systems, where it served as a control layer accessing multiple jobs from a single terminal. Such tasks are being fulfilled by screen (Linux, GPL) or tmux (BSD) recent times. As the original manual explains:

PTYCON.DOC -- Changes from V4(5) to V5(7)
October 1981


PTYCON is a  pseudo-teletype  (PTY)  controller.   It  allows  a  user
multiple  job  control  from  a  single terminal.  PTYCON provides the
means to converse with a number of subjobs and to control  the  manner
and times when output is received from the subjobs.

PTYCON version 5(7) runs on all releases of TOPS-20.

PTYCON does not depend on any other software during its execution.

PTYCON is documented in the TOPS-20 User's Guide, and in  the  TOPS-20
Operator's Guide.

For further information about the usage of ptycon, please see it's Wikia page.

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