Traceroute is an actual networking tool used displaying the route and delay of packets across a network. In Telehack, it is used in a similar way, except shows the path of the virtual hosts.

An example of traceroute can be seen below:

@traceroute gali
traceroute to gali, 10 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 telehack 17.309 ms 13.494 ms 21.852 ms
2 oracle 31.337 ms 31.694 ms 23.592 ms
3 hplabs 38.927 ms 54.796 ms 54.096 ms
4 harvax 60.328 ms 63.787 ms 61.521 ms
5 gali 65.080 ms 66.612 ms 77.874 ms 

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