Uumap shows the actual UUCP map entry for a host in Telehack. UUCP maps were the way which hosts were manages during the 1980's and 1990's, and they contain host information, such as location, owner, organiazation, modem number, connected hosts, and operating system.

An example of uumap can be seen below:

@uumap alba
#N     alba
#O     Interlace Productions
#C     Christopher Pettus
#E     ...!alba!cep
#T     (213) 669-8393
#P     3424 Larissa Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90026
#L     34 04 N / 118 14 W
#W     web per uucpmap 9/18/87
#U     ism780c
alba   csun(EVENING), ism780c(EVENING), celia(DAILY),

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